Hopper VA

This is a restarted virtual airline that operates the Cessna 208,Dash 8 Q400, Boeing 787-8+9. We operate in Southern California flying from KHHR to Ontario, Orange County, long beach, Catalina, Montgomery field and many more!

To apply as a member you need to go to our website - pilots - join us and quickly fill out our short form. After doing so you will be invited to join.

If you are looking for staff opportunities please contact us immediately as there are some openings!

Here at HopperVA we fly some of the newest and state of the art aircraft to provide quick and efficient travel.

Dash 8 Q400
Cessna 208
We don’t mind if you don’t have live but as long as you fly in a safe manner.
Want to experience a flight without doing it yourself? Book a flight!

Staff: Co-CEO @finn
Events: @TheCuriousPilot
Pilot and behaviour manager: @jjt0909


NEW VA…? there is already a VA called Hopper Airways!

Narroc wim is too busy.

Can I be pilots and behaviour manager

Can i be recruitment manager

Yes. 0plwase go to the website and fill out the form.

Yes sir!


Although I won’t be able to add you because I’m most likely in a different time zone than you.

I’m in the UK

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Because I’m in australia

Well there are people in your VA who are not from australia

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This honestly has to be one of the best VA’s so proud to be apart of it

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I know, I’ll add you to the list tomorrow

One question do you guys use slack?

Yeah but I’m away from my computer so I ll add you later

Co-CEO position is up for grabs!
Would prefer an experienced person and at least grade 3 on IF with less than one violation for every 10 hours.

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