Hopper Airways VA- Now hiring!

This is a new virtual airline that operates the Cessna 208. We operate in Southern California flying from lax to Ontario, Orange County, long beach, Catalina, Montgomery field and many more! To join hopper airlines, just pm me. We also have the dash-8 on order and possibly an expansion to San Francisco and Seattle.


Does Hopper Airways VA have a website? One of the key aspects of VA’s is having a stable site where you can host your operations. (Just a tip.) :)

No, I don’t because my laptop is acting up and I’m using a phone right now.

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We are looking for codeshares with any airline due to lack of employees. If you want to join, just pm me.

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I might join when yous get the dash-8


I am part of the leadership of the TravelSky VA along with @grxninesix and @The_simulation_nerd . Contact one of us if you are interested in further discussion :)

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So yous are looking for a partnership now?

I kinda have to because no one is joining😢

I was talk to DJ but its ok. I am part of the board at air.a320 & at first we didn’t get pilots but now we have over 70! We have started our first subsidiary but we may look for a partnership with yous in the future. For more information contact @IF_A_TEAM

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The first flight will be from Catalina to long beach in a c208. This will happen 50 minutes from now. Anyone who wants to watch can come. I will be on the advanced server.

Sorry for the delay, I am starting.

The first flight was a success! If you want to join, just pm me.

I am looking for someone who can help me build a website. If you want to help me, just pm me.

You should watch some tutorials

What do you mean?

I would like to join but it would help if you had a website so you should watch some tutorials on YouTube on how to Create a wix website and make it yourself

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I know how to make one on weebly but not on wix. I guess I’ll start making the website tomorrow.

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I heard that the other VAs aren’t interested in Code Shares

I just got done with the website. It is currently 70% done. I’ll post the link in the morning.

Hi there Narroc, I might share this post to my bosses at Qantas Virtual.

Your little commercial airliner could use a powerful partner. The best of the best is at Qantas Virtual.

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