Hoping to meet you guys

Hello! I’ve been on infinite flight for about a year now and I’ve just started taking it seriously!! Im in love with Alaska airlines!!! I mostly fly 757, a320 and 737’s okay maybe almost every plane! I have a couple of questions, I wanna do a flight with a couple of people down to lax today, from SeaTac on Alaska airlines 737-900!


Welcome! PM me with anything. Hope you enjoy your time here on the community!

Hello! I you want to make a group flight, I highly suggest checking out the #live:groupflights category for rules and event guidelines! Happy Flying
Perhaps joining Alaska VA


Feel free to PM me with anything! I love to meet new people one here!

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Always love seeing new people here!!! theres an Alaska VA if you are interested in joining Im in it and its really fun!! Hope to see you in the skies one day!


Welcome aboard!

If you really get into this group flight thing, maybe join a virtual airline or two. They typically hold events. Since you have expressed a love for Alaska Air, I don’t mean to advertise or anything, but there’s an Alaska Virtual (ASVA) you can join here in IF.

Ive been part of ASVA for a little over a year, and it’s been fun


Nice to see you here on the community. Hope you stick around, learn heaps and contribute.

We have on this forum an area where group flights can be proposed.
Check the two links below:



Thanks! Hope to see you!

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