Hope, Positivity, and Togetherness

Hope. Positivity. Togetherness.

Approximately eight months ago, all of our lives were turned upside down (or for Aussies and other people in the Southern Hemisphere, right-side up). For many people around the world, lives were changed forever. Today, we live in a divided world, one of political conflict, racial conflict, economic conflict, everything but the kitchen sink. Today’s world is one that will be remembered for years, decades, centuries to come.

None of us know when the situation will end, and none of us know when our lives will return to normal. But, the least we can do is remain hopeful and come together. It doesn’t take a lot to show respect and mindfulness. As they say, four quarters makes a whole. In the world today, within the community and within countries, continents, the world, tens, hundreds, thousands make a whole. That whole will make a difference, in today’s society, tomorrow’s society, next week’s society, next month’s society, and next year’s society. Together, as a community, we can come together in the light of hope. Things will return to normal someday. We will one day be able to have parties, meet friends and family, us as a community will one day be able to meet up in San Diego, Oshkosh, and Cosford. There is light at the end of the tunnel. But to get there, we have to come together.

I don’t normally post in the #screenshots-and-videos category, mainly because my photos aren’t the best of the best, nor do I fly as often as I once used to. But, I wanted to spread the message, a message of hope, positivity, and togetherness within this community. Now is a time for us to come together and reflect.

Photo Details:

Livery: Delta 737-800
Route: Seattle (KSEA) -> Los Angeles (KLAX)
Flight Time: 2:31
Server: Expert

Photo was taken right after departure from KSEA’s runway 34R using the locked interior free cam, the photo was edited using Snapseed, a free photo editing software by Google.

Together, we are strong, and together, we will come together stronger than ever. Reflect and share your thoughts below.


This is amazing! Very nice job!

Nice photo as well! 🤩

I love this photo.

This part made me laugh.

The message of Hope, Positivity, and Togetherness is exactly what we need in a time like this…
Thank you @Thunderbolt for making this topic and sharing the message. You know what you are talking about and for me that shows someone who means what they say. Reading this topic allowed me to believe that yes one day the world will be like it was. One day I can meet some of the people I am friends with here.

Once again thank you Matt.


Wowowowowo the way that sun flowed red on the cockpit dash is stunning. Also the right side up comment was SOOOOO funny

that photo was so good I thought is was real life for a sec

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Thanks guys.

This is by far the most powerful and positive message I’ve read all day, let alone this whole year.

In a time we are in now, it’s a time where we should stick together as human, each and every one of us, should take our own responsibility to create a unity where we help those in need, as much as we can, and follow the simple rules of keeping distance and practice good hygiene, for a time to pass, and future to wake to one morning again.

I’ll say, Thanks a lot Matt for addressing this, it means a lot for all of us here in the community, most definitely, but also personally to me who have, together with my dad, gone through the dark of Covid in Spring of 2020. And for this message to come out now during this difficult time we are all living in and going through, gives us the push to keep working harder, together, for a brighter and better future.

With that said, I may end with a simple quotation;
Hardships may come our way but together we are stronger than any waves!

Ps. You say your pictures aren’t the best of the best, but it’s definitely, honestly speaking, from a critical standpoint, a very well edit, very well taken photo ✌🏼