Hop up the West Coast @ KLAX - 192345ZJUN19

  • Aircraft and Livery: Southwest, American, Delta, or Alaska 737 (any variant)

Alaska aircraft: Terminal 8
American aircraft: Terminal 5 + 6
Southwest aircraft: Terminal 1
Delta aircraft: Terminal 2 (please use 2, can use 3 if T2 unavailable)

  • Route: KLAX to KSJC (copy my flight plan; Southwest 5765)

  • Time of Departure: 2019-06-19T23:45:00Z

  • Server: Training

Additional Information:

  • Act Professional
  • Respect Unicom if no ATC
  • Have fun!

Who's coming?


Please comment if you can come!


Wish I could come but I’m at MSP in IF rn

Btw, United does not fly nonstop LAX-SJC
You could replace United with Alaska

Thanks for reading this though. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll change it now!

20 Minutes 'till departure! Anyone else coming?

I’ll join! See you in LAX!

Thanks for coming! See you later.

I think I can come! See you there! 😄

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😄 right back to you!!

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I will meet you in KSJC at the end see you then👋😁

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Cruise speed, altitude?

34,000 ft. Mach 0.81

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Help! I’m getting bombed by F-14s!


Funny thing is I know who it is!

I’m already out of gas lmao

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At cruising speed!

Thanks for flying to San Jose everyone! :D
Glad to see SJC getting some life even though SFO is right there :D


Sorry I wasn’t there got caught up in some chores I had to do

Here are some pics from the flight! Thanks for making it @Mr-plane-guy! ![image|830x599](upload://aIooO9Atmu8EF7DTP4nEgxrk0rX.jpeg image image image image image

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Love these, Thanks for flying with me!

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