Hy everyone, I’m currently doing the HOP! TOUR in infinite flight. The HOP! TOUR is a lap in France, sponsored in majority by the french regional airlines HOP!, doing by young teenagers who are sponsored for doing the lap with the plane’s teenagers aeroclubs.

I have made the first step between Charte (LFOR) and Landivisiau (LFRJ) who is a french navy base.


This tour permit to explore and enjoy France who is the most beautiful country of the world for me ;)

Today I’m doing the path at 1500Z between Landivisiau (LFRJ) and Saintes (LFXB) who is a french base too, where pilots of the french army learn to fly gliders and this is the place too where the french army form his pupils for the aeronautical maintenance.

I’m doing the rest of the tour at the same hour 1500Z, with the Cessna 172, my callsign is F-BKBP , Expert Server and with Mac Bacon (F-BTZP) , so if you whant to join us, don’t hesitate! Come doing the HOP! TOUR.

Have a good day and happy landings !



Hello all! so today we finish the second step of the HOP! TOUR between Landivisiau (LFRJ) and Saintes (LFXB) in 2 hours and 27 minutes.

MacBacon and me have take some photos during the flight ;)



Tomorrow we gonna do the path between Sainte (LFXB) and Bourges (LFLD). Date tomorrow at 1500Z (Expert server) for the third path of the HOP! TOUR.

Happy landings all!



After 2 days without flying because of whimsical weather, the rally HOP! TOUR is back !
We will fly today (august 3rd) at 1500Z between Saintes (LFXD) and Bourges (LFLD) with our Cessna 172 (F-BKBP and F-BTZP) in expert server.

Hope to see you in the beautiful french sky! Happy landings.

Cpt.Paul and MacBacon.

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