Hop into Queenstown with IAV @ NZAA - 121830ZMAY18 (Completed)


Welcome to IAV’s first event! Today will take you to the wonderful city of Queenstown in NZ. We will guide our Air New Zealand A320’s into the tricky and dangerous approach and will land on runway 05 at NZQN. We welcome you all to our first event and hope you can join us in this amazing place!

NOTAM: Please follow all ATC instructions and do not use APPR due to the complexity of the approach!

Server: Training
Region: New Zealand
Departure Airport: NZAA
Arrival Airport: NZQN
Spawn Time: 1830Z
Departure Time: 1840Z
Flight Time: Approximately 1h30

Flight info:

Mach 0.78
Climb speed 245kts
Start of decent: 160nm
Further details will be provided closer to the time

Appr and Go Around Info

This is the recomended approach:

And in the case of a Go Around, you have two options:

And here and some IFC tutorials to help you out:
NZQN Taxi Procedures (Queenstown).

[REDONE] NZQN procedures (Queenstown)

Departure Gates

Gate 01: EVENT LEAD - IAV201CS
Gate 02: @FDemon IAVE402
Gate 03: @Sebastian9915 IAVE403
Gate 04:
Gate 05:
Gate 06:
Gate 07:
Gate 08:
Gate 09: @2003iggy IAVE478

More gates may be able to be arranged but alocation is on a first come first served basis!


IAV Members are to apply for a gate using their issued callsign while non IAV pilots may use any callsign that follows the below criteria:

Your Personalised Callsign:
IAVE4 + 2 numbers


How to participate?

To join us for this event please post in the following format below:

Preffered Departure Gate:
Preffered Callsign:

We will then reply informing you if your callsign is available and correct and confirming your participation!

Notice: The link to the IAV Events Discord will be made available closer to the date for participants and will be used for pre-flight and in-flight comms!

We hope you can join us for this event and possibly the VA in the future and feel free to ask below or in DM if you have any queries!

Happy Flying,

The IAV Team

Our thread: Infinite Airlines Virtual [RECRUITING NOW] A Brand New VA With a Difference

Our website: https://thevirtualinfiniteairline.weebly.com


Queensland is great to fly into in IF. Especially in the sunset over the mountains, absolutely gorgeous

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Yeah, only flown there once or twice on IF but i was blown away! So when we were debating what to do as our first event someone said New Zealand and we just immediately all agreed!


You can pick a gate and callsign for me please. I can’t wait for this !

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Assigned Departure Gate 02 with the callsign IAV402

Thanks for participating!

Gates at NZAA should be 28-33

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Sign me up for this pls!! I’ll take any gate and callsign
Looking forward🤟🏻

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Gate 03 and Callsign IAVE402

Many thanks for coming!

Hey, can you sign me up for this please? I am not 100% whether I will be able to make it, but I should know by midweek. Gate 09 and callsign IAVE478 please. Many thanks!

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Gate 09 and IAVE478 are all yours! No worries about not being sure just confirm by Wednesday or Thursday if possible thanks!

Attention all pilots!
The IAV Event Server Discord Link has now been sent to you in a DM

Also for everybody else be aware there is only a few days to go so make sure you get signed up for IAV’s first event!

Hey, just found out I can come. Thanks!

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Great to know!

Gate and Call already assigned!

Look forward to seeing you there!

Attention all pilots!

Last chance to sign up!

All event participants are being offered fast-track training and an extra promotion if they join the VA!

We hope you can join us today!



Already submitted my application to the VA ;)

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Just seen it and have replied by email!





Participation application will close 30 minutes before the event!

Dont forget you get an extra promotion and fasttrack training if you join IAV after taking part in the event!

Happy Flying,

The IAV Team

Many thanks to everybody who took part!

We are now airborne and enroute!

Happy Flying,

The IAV Team!

PS: If you could not make it you can watch us live here: https://youtu.be/tA6PzN9MqfQ




Thanks to all who joined us yesterday!

A new event should be running in a week or two!