HOP! for Air France CRJ-1000

Not mine picture all credits to theDoubleH63 link https://www.youtube.com/user/theDoubleH63
why i want this. the crj series its a cool fleet of planes hope the whole crj family get added soon and i thinks this livery its an amazing one if its ever gonna be added will fly this alot in france and senteral europe HOP also have the crj700 in their fleet hope to also get that one to

Would you mind actually using some decent grammar in feature requests?
And write some more?
Also, please give a link to the owner of the picture or else you could be done for copyright.


i have done the credits

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im sorry that i dontwrite so much but its hard for me to write in english

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Look at this


done link its also added

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So, you want this livery/plane or do you already have it? You said it would be great but you’re gonna fly it a lot in France. Quite confused 🤔

Looks quite nice 👍
Would be great with a CRJ rework which is really needed

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Savage 😂😂 But I agree, people need to be at least 8 in mental age to talk on this forum


Very true! I forgetted English for a second there!

Yep, the CRJs are missing (700/900/1000) but there are nicer liveries for those planes in my opinion ;)

@Insertusernamehere @PiloteerFrankie

Yes, while his English may not be good, it is not his first language. If this forum was in Russian I bet you would have trouble too. Please be considerate, he made an acceptable #features request.


That’s a valid point…
I’m sorry to be so inconsiderate…
Blue skies!


thanks bro someone its just so rude

That looks so gorgeous! It’s a must-have if the CRJ is gonna get reworked.

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Yes it does look amazing agree haha

Personally I’d like to have all the hop! fleet in IFS. hop! is generally do regional flights in France but also European flight. So there are also embraers like the E190.

As about the comment about writing correctly in English. I can also only repeat that everyone is doing his best to write correctly in English though it’s not everyone’s native language. By the way, in my experience, mostly, natives(not all of course) make more mistakes than foreign people learning a new language (whatever the language) ;-).
So next time it would be nice to contact the person in pm and starting know her before judging her :-)

let’s go for hop!(e?;-))


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I’m all for it obviously AFVA 😂


Well vote for IT then

I hope they add this beauty if the crj ever gets an update

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