Hop across the U.S.

So while I know a lot of you enjoy your long hauls I prefer the short hops.

I will set the map to just the airport alone and do all the approach, landings, of course taxis and takeoff myself. Would be great to have a group to do this with. I’m not placing this in events as I’m seeing if the interest exists first.

I also once landed always try to taxi to the appropriate ramp/gate. Although I primarily fly the MD-11F with FedEx livery. Presently heading to KDTW [roughly 80nm out]… if anyone would like feel free to join! Also I’ll message my route to whomever is interested

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Put this in #live

But if you want people to fly with you… Just make it a Event :P


This should probably be in the #live category. A hop across the U.S. sounds fun. Good luck with your flight!

Safe travels,


Done I go by FedEx 20 Super is my callsign and my username is FDX0483

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