Hop across the pond in 747s! @ EGLL 022000ZAPR20

As you hopefully all know, both KLM and Qantas have both retired their 747s fully by today, and I would like to honor the Queen of the skies with a flight from London’s Heathrow airport, to New York John F. Kennedy Airport. The flight time will be seven hours.

  • Aircraft and Livery: BA 747-400

  • Route: EGLL-ALLEX-ENE-TRAIT-PARCH-CCC-ROBER-KJFK.(Feel free to skip a waypoint if it doesn’t show up, or isn’t in IF.)

  • Time of Departure: 20:00 Zulu time

  • Server: Training

Even though this is the training server, please be courteous to all pilots at LHR and JFK at the time. There will most likely be ATC, so please listen to all controller’s instructions. Fly safe, and I wish you all buttery landings!


Count me in.

When is this? Today?

Awesome! Spawn in a gate in terminal 5b!

Yes, it is today

Roger Dodger.

Victor vector 😆

Do we have refuel at a airport? If so which one?

No we don’t, it’s a nonstop flight

Ok, great.

Alrighty, lets start the flight!

Am I late? On my way.

@MrAirplaneGeekI see you.

When you call the Atlantic Ocean a mere pond…

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