Hooray for Autobrakes?

So, I was recently doing Turkish flight 646 from Istanbul in Turkey to Mogadishu in Somalia, I was flying a 737-900, since the MAX 8 is not yet in the game. Istanbul Airport was deserted other than me (expert server) and I went to take off, only to find at 165kts (fairly high rotate speed since TK646 is right at the top of the 737’s range, so we were very heavy) that the yoke wasn’t responding! I pulled up with my device (iPhone 7), but the yoke function was completely broken, wouldn’t go up or down. This was slightly alarming at 165kts, so I slammed on the reverse thrusters, and the auto brake feature really saved me. I had it on max for take off, which was crucial for an aborted takeoff. Whilst I was over the V1 speed, I could not make my yoke move. I ended up overrunning the runway by around 800 feet, before taxiing back to the gate. After restarting my game, it worked fine. I hadn’t tested the yoke before takeoff, since I never though that an issue like this would happen, but it’s safe to say I will do in the future!


This may be better in Support so they can investigate the issue.

Considering that they solved the issue by a simple restart it shouldn’t need to go into support. (I could be wrong, but we shall see)

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This happens on iOS devices occasionally. The app stops receiving inputs from the device accelerometer and there’s nothing else to do than restart the device. Not an app error here :)


I like your story details and the way you told the story. And on a positive note, it adds to the sense of immersion: missed pre-flight checks might have consequences.


Once, I was messing around on solo, having fun trying to fly with the controls inverted Quite poorly 😂. But, I didn’t set them back to normal.
Days later, I take an A318 out of London City. I tried to rotate, but nothing happened (I was actually inflicting downward elevator). I also didn’t do a flight control check. It took me ages to figure out what was happening.

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The auto brakes are excellent indeed , saved me a few times on short landings over shooting

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