Honouring the RAF pilots @ EGWC 111500ZJUL18


Airport: EGWC

Time: 1500z

This is just a gathering of MILITARY AIRCRAFT ONLY (spitfires preferred (gather at EGWC to honour the anniversary of a passing of an RAF pilot, grandfather of my good friend, @Superref1))

I know this is short notice but it would be great if you guys came!
Appropriate callsigns please.

Please join this discord server for info if you would like to come: https://discord.gg/6aeSk7

TIMESLOTS - @Superref1 1500 - 1507Z
@morgan99 1507-1527Z
@Superref1 1517-1525Z
@morgan99 1527-1542Z
@Balloonchaser (Air Canada VA) - 1542-1548Z
@morgan99 1548-1600Z
@Goran12 1610-1615Z
----------------------------------- AVAILABLE IN MAX 10 MIN SLOTS UP TO 1615z


A group from ACVA would like to preform a “Heritage Flight FlyBy”

I will be in the P-38, someone will be in a Spitfire, and someone will be in a F-22

We only need a 3-5 minute time slot

We will fly by and break at the end of the runway then head back to a nearby base

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ok that’s great thank you

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Thanks you have 1542-1548Z

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Still over half an hour of slots remaining!

15 mins of slots remaining!

I will do 1610 to 1615

Airshow is starting!

Where I want to see. What server?

The Casual Server. #Casual


This can be closed now THANKS TO THOSE WHO CAME ALONG