Honoring United's 747

With the recent introduction of retro American Airlines 737 liveries, I wanted to bring up a possible addition of the classic United 747 liveries.

There are threads that request some liveries on their own but given the recent update, I am requesting to honor United’s 747 fleet and their historical liveries. I will include original threads but please do not tell me to comment on each one of them.

The liveries I would like to request are: (all images from Google)

Original Friendship Livery
Image result for united airlines 747 livery history

Saul Bass Livery

Battleship Grey Livery

Tulip Livery

Final request would be to update the current livery to the one it flew on it’s last flight:
It’s the same livery but just add “747 Friend Ship United ****”

I have flown United often and the 747 has always been my favorite aircraft! It would be great to honor this beast in IF!

Hope this gets some support! Let me know what you guys think!

I’m gonna be that guy, because I’m sure everyone is racing to do it…
One picture and feature per request… You could make individual topics, but not 1 big one with many requests.


lol I’ll stick to commenting and reading for a while

Reallyy love with this livery, yeah not only on 747, other fleet like 757, 767, … That wearing this livery before , may i give some vote ? 😊

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I also really like the liveries! Great to see some support!!

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Don’t give up dear sir. Your intentions are good but there are regulations when making a feature request. You can have a read below:

And also follow the advice given by @Kirito_77 above.

Your request is good, it just needs to be edited and conform to the requirements in the link above.


Great request, but please see this topic regarding crediting Google;

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Thank you @Kiz and @KaiM for the tips! I want to make sure my posts meet the guidelines!

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United’s liveries have really evolved over the years. I personally can’t stand the grey and white/blue liveries United used right before their Continental merger.