Honoring My Grandfather - A Memorial Flight

Honoring My Grandfather - A Memorial Flight


Hey, all! I’ve finally worked up the courage to share this topic. Quite shocked, lol.

Last Thursday, June 10th, my grandfather passed away. He had battled cancer, Parkinson’s, heart failure, and many other illnesses for years.

To honor his passing (and his life), @CaptainZac, @Nightt, and a few other folks from my VA decided to create a memorial flight. The original plan was to depart and arrive in KPBI, his place of residence; however, Zac decided on MYNN instead. This allowed for West Palm Beach to be semi-centered in the heart rather than on the edge. Thank you so much for this, guys. ❤️

While MYNN doesn’t spark as much emotion as KPBI, it worked out. The Bahamas was one of the first vacations I went on with my grandfather, so I comfortable with this being the airport of choice.

Per my request, I asked those who attended to fly a narrow-body Delta aircraft, the jetBlue A320, or the United 737-800. The first two represent the airlines he flew the most, and the latter represents the airline I would fly to see him.

Now, before I drain myself out from crying, I present some photos from this flight.


Date: 06.13.21
Server: Expert
Flight Number: N/A
Flight Time: 4:34

As much as I like this livery, I cannot wait for Shantay Blue Stay to come!

Just like my grandfather, going last is my thing.

Up, up, and away! We’re beginning the turn onto the heart.

After two and a half hours, half of the heart has been flown.

Descending through FL210 with a stunning sky behind.

3nm separation = 🥵

A bit off-center, just like you, Pops.

I know how much you loved sunsets. Here’s one just for you.

The completed journey.

I miss you dearly, Poppee. As sad as I am, I know that your days of suffering are over. You will not be forgotten, and your memories will live on - especially your creation of the ABCDE method for Melanoma.

Fly high, man. I love you forever and always. ❤️


Wow! Great photos. From what I’ve heard from others and yourself, your grandfather was a really great man and was definitely taken too soon.

This flight was definitely a fun flight as well as a flight to remember, honoring your grandpa. We all love you so much here, and not to mention that I’ll see you at camp in under 6 days :). Stay strong bud, and Rest In Peace Zack’s grandpa.

And also, was that a roast or an inside joke lol


This was brave of you to do. But it sure paid off. I’m sorry for your loss.


That’s a really nice heart there.
Salute to you


Inside joke-ish. A side effect of Parkinson’s is body instability. He would always lean to one side, hence why I said this. I did, however, not intended for the landing to be like that. 😂

As always, thank you. And thank you for creating the flight plan. It couldn’t have been more perfect. 🥰

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It sure did. I got some closure from it.

Much appreciated. ❤️

You can thank Zac for the heart. 😉 Thank you, nonetheless.


That is a really nice big heart you made there. I’m sorry for your loss.


Beautiful flight and tribute, Zach!

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So wholesome, sorry for your loss.

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So sorry for your and your family’s loss. THIS sums up why the IF community is so great!


Sorry for your loss

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This reminds me of my grandfather who I lost almost 3 years ago and my other grandfather who I was able to see today, as I’m currently at his house. Awesome pictures and tribute, Zach. Best wishes to you and your family during this trying time.

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I really enjoyed flying this as I knew it meant a lot to you. And when we told you we were planning on doing it. We got some happiness out of you.

Stay strong❤


A very original and sincere tribute, really sorry for your loss.
Still, amazing photos and perfect heart!

All the best ❤

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I was flying when you were doing this. I was wondering what it was.
Sorry for your loss

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That is so nice of you to do that. I started crying while reading it.🥺❤️💜🧡


Sorry to hear for your Loss Man Great Photos and a perfect Memorial Flight you made here
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hey bro my condolences to you and you family I was on my way to KJFK from KFLL and I saw this masterpiece it was pretty amazing bro.


The love and support are beyond appreciated, folks. It means everything to me. ❤️

While I have the opportunity, I’d like to share a few words, with the inspiration from my grandfather. I know some of it may be cliché, but please, listen and take it in.

Life is too damn short to focus on the negative in life. Each day is a gift, not a given. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed one bit. It sucks to think about, but it’s true.

If you have a bad day, so be it. Just let it roll off your back. It’s easier said than done, I know, but give it a shot. We can’t live in a bubble full of sorrow, despair, and sadness. We just can’t.

Spend each day with those you love - family, friends, pets, etc. Those who mean something to you will help get you through anything. It’s the only way, really. I am living through it; please take my word.

Most importantly, remember who you are. Be the person that you were meant to be - not someone else, even if it’s hard to do so.

Do good, be good.