Honor 9 lite 3gb ram


Good afternoon,
I plan to buy above mentioned phone. Will it be powerful enough to run IF smoothly? I know that settings can be changed to medium for example in IF and I also know that on that phone the display resolution can be changed as well in HD instead of Full HD and this solution can help as well in order no to have lags.
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The device you mentioned uses a Kirin 659 and a Mali-T830 MP2 which most likely won’t be able to run IF at the highest settings smoothly. I took a look at other phones with similar specs, most of them were/are able to run IF at medium-low settings, so I expect that the Honor 9 Lite will perform very similar.

If you are willing to buy a phone that can run IF at medium-low settings, then this phone should do the job.


In addition to @Starley here is a thread for devices you may want instead of that one


Thanks a lot for your answer!


Best phone to buy is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or even last year one Note 8. it is built for infinite flight. Try to look for 6GB Ram or higher phones.


Back on topic lads. The OP is asking about the Honour 9 lite, not the Note 9 or an iPad. Answer the original question or don’t post please. Let’s keep support as productive as possible!
@Jeremie_Imbs if you want a little more detail on this device i am happy to assist you via PM!


Just making a point on how much ram IF needs, sorry.


How much RAM IF needs varies by device. Your iPad may use more than my pixel 2 and vice versa. There is no definitive requirement which is why FDS recommended at least 1gb RAM


Alright. I’ll delete my post, sorry again.


There’s no need to apologize. It’s a reminder to everybody 😘


Thanks a lot! For the answer


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