Honolulu PHNL - London Heathrow EGLL

Did an amazing group flight from Honolulu to London Heathrow. Had a parallel takeoff with Aviator1 and also got to see an amzaing sunrise above Nothern Canada.

Route: PHNL to EGLL
Flight time: 13 hours and 4 minutes
Expert Server
Cruising Altitude: 32000 ft


Here are my shots during the flight


Thank you for making a beautiful shots!

Both B777 and B787 were operates on this route.


Was this an actual route?

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I was about to ask the same question

It has never been a route.

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Oh ok I wasn’t sure thanks!

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I believe they were thinking about it at one point, but through data analysis and stuff like that they found that there wasn’t going to be enough demand. They work this out through the amount of people that start their journey at LHR and end at HLL, but this stops at LAX (if that makes sense)

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