Honolulu Madhouse

I just finished my flight from PHNL - PHTO on the advanced server. And I have never seen it this busy except for the time that the Hawaii region just came out. One controller for both Ground & Tower earned my respect with all these aircraft. Thanks!

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Thanks for the nice comment. I was doing approach at PHOG .
Yes it was crazy. I forget who was doing tower and ground there .
All of us advanced server work,very hard to make it an enjoyable experience for all. Yes we make a few mistakes but for the most part it’s the pilots not following instructions . Thanks // Flying High Senior Controller


Yup i totally agree…i was just there flying from PHTO - PHNL…on the way over i saw that he was controlling both Ground & Tower…it looked like a mad house…that was Jared Hodge…he did a great job over that sequenced me in perfectly…OUTSTANDING @Pilothodge80

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Yes it was Mr. Hodge!
I’m so surprised with how well he handled it! I don’t think I could have done what he did! My gratitude to you @Pilothodge80

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Thanks for the kind words; however, without the patience and following of instructions from everyone, I couldn’t have done it. So mad props to everyone flying that crazy session