Honolulu Loses Air China

Air China will stop the flight from Beijing to Honolulu at Aug.27. This means Hawaii will no longer have any flights to ZBAA (Beijing Capital). Hawaiian Airlines cancelled the flight to Beijing on the October of 2018. This is mainly due to the lack of passengers. The only remaining route in mainland China to Honolulu will be China Eastern from Shanghai Pudong.


Due to the lack of passengers? Hawaii is a lovely place for sure this is a surprise.


Nothing lost here.


Maybe also due to trade conflict


HNL-PEK has definitely been struggling. Some people are saying it’s due to the trade war.

Hawaiian Airlines recently cut its Beijing flight last year.

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That’s true, right after October Chinese National Holiday. Isn’t PVG- ATL also struggling?

Maybe Air China will start flying to a Alaska for those wanting head to Hawaii

No. CA will not. The amount flights between China and US is in a huge decrease. AA stopped PEK-ORD, CA stopped SJC-PVG, HU cut the flight of SJC-PEK from 5 to 4 per week starting Sep.1st, etc.

Maybe they dont like hawai🤷‍♂️

What about other routes I mentioned above?

Maybe the passengers wanna explore Europe🤷‍♂️

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That’s correct. The relations between China and Europe is getting much better. China even signed free trade agreements with some European countries.

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Hawaii* sorry I am Pacific Islander and I felt I needed to correct that.


Yeah, they are dropping a lot of services… Sadly SJC was one of the airports CA stopped flying to :/

But there are still many ways to fly to China from the Bay Area from San Francisco with Air China, United, China Eastern, etc.


That’s true, but tickets are going to be more and more expensive due to the lack of competition. Also, Starting Sep.1st, HU cuts the flight PEK-LAS from 3 times per week to twice per week.


Btw, don’t forget that Hong Kong Airlines is also dropping SFO 😏

It’s pretty sad that Honolulu loses service to China but if there is low demand, it wouldn’t make sense for the route to be active


Winter is coming…
For China- USA air routes…

Yeah, but you could always connect through someplace. For example, you could fly San Jose to Tokyo to Beijing or whatever airports All Nippon services in China. If you want to take a longer route, you could even fly San Jose to London to Beijing although that might not be someone’s first choice

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Last time I was there I caught this-rare find.



Is this Taipei-Honolulu?