Honolulu International Airport Spotting

Here are some pics I took while stuck at the airport for a day and a half.


Why were you stuck there for so long?

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One time when I was going to HNL, my originating airport had a bomb threat and the whole airport was evacuated. Causing me to miss the connection flight at DFW. So I was stuck in Dallas for a day and night. It happens unfortunately. I’m wondering too though, why were you stuck there that long?

So see my mother works for United so she gets free checked bags but downside is that we fly standby so we can only get on if there’s seats available. Then at the airport most flights to the mainland had many standbys on it that’s why I was stuck.


Aww sorry man good thing they did something about it.

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Yes, indeed. Besides that, great pics you took I must say!

Thanks :D.

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How was connecting to other terminals? I really hate how their is no shuttle or tram had to go from Hawaiian air terminal to where Delta was and i must say it was a really long walk.


Same here it is a long walk there. I had to do that twice when we were trying to get out and then both flights were full and I had to walk back.

The joys of flying non rev

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Yeah the joys it is to wait at the gate then at the end when everyones in there’s no seats left for the non revs.

It happens all the time I to work for an airlines here in Alaska

Well its a good work out and a good view. I took some photos as well, one of my favorites is this, what do you think?

Ohh well those are the downside of free checked bags.

I like it is the airport HNL or different airport.

Its the NHL airport

Ohh ok the photo is nice I like it!

What kind of plane did you fly home on?

If you like photography you may want to invest in a DSLR. The clarity will be sharper and better and it won’t look grainy.

It was United 757.

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