Honolulu Hawaii 1hr Flight @ PHNL - 081500JUL17

Server- Training Server 1

Region- PHNL

Time- 15:00Z

NOTAM- Lets play Infinite Flight and have fun, so I’ll present to you my first event. I think it’s 1hr or less, we’ll fly a Boeing 737-800 Alaska Airlines. If there is a ATC we have to follow what he’ll say. Please join my event and I’ll see you there :).


Ground- anyone
Tower- anyone


Parking: Gate 04- @iflightpilot_09
Parking: Gate 05-
Parking: Gate 06-
Parking: Gate 07-
Parking: Gate 08
Parking: Gate 09
Parking: Gate 10
Parking: Gate 11

Thank you!!
See you there

Hello, and welcome to the forum! It may be advisable to post events once you are TL2 (member). You are currently TL1 (basic user). Keep contributing in a positive manner, and you’ll get there!


I know that’s why I put it at General, but thank you

How do I get tl2?
I would like to make a event but you know

You can’t put events under #general. To become a member (TL2), you have to be really active. Give liking and comment on posts is all you have to do. Keep going until you reach TL2 and you can repost the event under #live:events. Good luck :)