Honolulu ATC (Advanced Server)

You know who you are, and hopefully you know the mistake you made. I followed vectors from approach into 08L, was on the ILS and then you cleared me for 08R. I gave you chance to correct (because the ATC commands don’t allow me to correct you, which is another of my gripes because ATC keep stuffing up) and you then tell me to “follow instructions” and to “go around” and turn onto 08R.

Pretty crap and frustrating for me.

And before anyone else asks, I couldn’t find their name to PM them.

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Honolulu ATC Advanced server kept telling me to follow instruction when I was doing all in my power to comply and help out as I knew the ATC was busy.

Taking the Super D in for some recon. Will report back.

I just wish there was an option to say “Negative” and correct ATC when a mistake is made lol

Just to further clarify, I specifically contacted tower saying I was on an “ILS” approach into 08L - there’s no ILS on 08R so why on earth they were trying to get me onto 08R is unbeknownst to me.

And yeah I’m beginning to notice a pattern here @divebuddha; but bring it on :P

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Do you have the log that you could pm me?

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I have since closed out of the app because I had to head out (which is why I was frustrated with not being able to land lol). Whomever was working the Approach frequency should be able to clarify that my callsign “Hawaiian 086” was vectored onto 08L though :)

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He just seemed a little overwhelmed. Seemed a bit slow in response time.

He handled me well though, straight in RWY 04R, cleared to land a few NM out.

I was there to… The Tower controller is outrageous… I ask to cross runway 8L then he gets mad and he REPEATEDLY brings up “please follow instructions” When I’ve done nothing wrong and then he ghosts me FOR NO REASON… I know his name if you guys are asking for it…

i was working tower at HNL. And if you were vectored to 08L and I instructed you to go to 08R, I had good reason. Just because there is no ILS at 08R doesn’t mean that you won’t be landing there. TNCM has no ILS but you can land there can’t you? I didn’t make a mistake and clear you for 08R, I meant to send you to 08R. I have you enough time to make the transition and you didn’t follow instructions so I asked you to go around and enter left base for 08R. So the error was not on my end, you simply didn’t follow instructions which is crappy and frustrating for me (to use your words). I was not overwhelmed at all. But it’s aggravating when people do not follow instructions.


What was your call sign?

What was your call sign? There is nothing wrong with clearing planes to land a few miles out or 20 miles out if it’s an option. Nothing overwhelming other than the other people that don’t follow instructions.

You now know who I am, so feel free to PM me anytime

Get stuffed, if 08L wasn’t operating then Approach and Tower should communicate that, it isn’t for Tower to suddenly change my approach when I’m 7NM away, and then start the whole “let’s blame everything on the pilot” game again.

I’ve paid for a year’s subscription and I’m already fed up with this elitist bullshit by the ATCs on Advanced Server. I couldn’t give a rats ass what tests you needed to complete to be there; you make mistakes and so do we - the exception is that we (pilots) can own up to it, whereas a lot of ATC don’t know how to and they’re the ones given all the power to “ghost”.

Maybe they should turn the tables for a day and give the ghosting power to pilots and see how ATC like it when they can’t even sort out their own approach procedures.


Stop complaining about the controller publicly when you know his name. Pm him please

He’s the one who made himself public, and what’s the point discussing it in private when this is an open discussion on how crap the approach procedures are?

Graham, I never said that controllers don’t make mistakes and we do own up to them. Also it is the towers choice to change you to a different runway if they feel it’s necessary. I sent you to 08R for a reason and that wasn’t a mistake. Thank you for purchasing a years subscription. But if you don’t like the controllers, then feel free to fly in the Free Flight Server or solo. When I logged on there was no approach controller, then one logged in for a couple of mins apparently but I wasn’t aware so hard to communicate when you don’t know. But on that point, yes we do try and communicate and coordinate approach with tower. But this is a sim, so we are not all sitting in a tower together or in the same room so unfortunately there are some limitations. I look forward to seeing you again in my airspace.

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Yes, I was approach. Logged in with the intent to stay for a while, but life happens. Mark and I were unable to communicate through normal channels. I eventually texted him but we were already gone. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. However, please remember, tower controller has the final say. Hope to see you flying again!

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