Hong Kong / Vancouver Airport Spotting

Hey everyone, I was flying from Vancouver to Hong Kong. I flew on a Air Canada 77W

Here are some cool sightings (Credits to my IphoneX for Quality shots in the rain!

Air Canada 787-9 at the Gate

Air New Zealand 777-200ER at the Gate

Ethiopian 787-9 just arrived

Cathay Pacific A350-900 From Los Angeles

Lufthansa A380, Emirates A380, Swiss 77W, Qatar 77W, British Airways 77W

{Super Foggy} Finnair A350-900 in De-Icing Ramp

Phillipines A321 to Manila

2 Cathay Cargo 747F, Atlas Air 747F, Southern Air And FedEx

{Not Good Quality} While takeoff in Vancouver, I spotted this aircraft! The WestJet 767 Landing!

I might be releasing a Trip Report Video!
If I do i will link it below :)


That is actually a 777-200ER. πŸ‘

Good photos, though. ✌


Hate to say this, mate, but that’s a Westjet B763. :
Great pics though!

Tbh I thought it kinda looked liked one.

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Well, just remember that all WestJet Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners wear the updated livery ✌

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Forgot about that part πŸ˜‚

they maintain them very well

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That’s awesome 😎

Nice photos Cameron!


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