Hong Kong to Toronto Pearson

Hey guys, today I did an amazing long haul flight in the 777-300er celebrating the 5 year Anniversary of Air Canada. I got to see some amazing sunrises and sunsets of this 14 hour and 22 minutes journey and I wish to share it with you all.

Flight time: 14 hours 22 minutes.
Boeing 777-300er; Air Canada.
Inital Crusing Altitude: 33,000ft and 35,000ft.
Final Crusing Altitude: 37,000ft
Route: Hong Kong (VHHH) to Toronto Pearson (CYYZ).
Expert Server.

Loading up early in the Morning at Hong Kong at Terminal 1 Main Gate E5.

Departing out of Hong Kong on runway 25R.

Beautiful sunrise over Taiwan crusing at 33,000ft.

Passing by Japan at 35,000ft.

Sunset over the Pacfic Ocean entering to Alaska.

Sunrise landing on runway 5 at Toronto Pearson.

Disembarking at Gate 141 A at Toronto Pearson.


Nice shots! You would have landed about 40 minutes before me, I was in an Air France B77W from Paris! ✈️✈️

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Thanks ofr doing this route because yyz my home airport!

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What causes that square in the top left? I’ve had the same problem.

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Not sure. Maybe could bea bug in Infinite Flight because sometimes my game screen would glitch out for a second.

It may be an issue when rendering photos at sunrise/sunset. I’ve noticed it in all of the sunrise and sunset shots but never in the ones at noon. Probably just a processing issue

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