Hong Kong to Sydney Kingsford 22.4 Update

Celebrating the early coming of the 22.4 update, I did an amazing flight from Hong Kong Intl to Sydney in the 747-8. Got to see some amazing scenery over the Philippines and Indonesiaian territories with an amazing sunset over the Australian continent.

Boarding at Terminal 1 Main Gate W42 at Hong Kong Intl.

Taxing to 25L in some dense fog.

Morning fog departure on runway 25L.

Climbing out of the fog, about to turn Southeast to Sydney Kingsford.

Flying past part of the Philippines at 35,000ft.

Indonesia really do have some nice mountain ranges.

Sunset near the Northern Territory, Australia and the Arafura Sea.

Final approach to runway 34R at Sydney Kingsford.

Landing on runway 34R.

Disembarking at International Terminal 1, Gate 30.

Flight time 8 hours and 9 minutes.
Cruising Altitude:35,000ft.
Boeing 747-8, Air China Livery.
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I am just curious, is there a reason you did it with the Air China B747?

No, not really. I was going to use the boeing 777-300er for this flight, but I hardly have flown the 747-8 in a while so I use that instead.

I believe he meant the Air China part haha. Since Cathay Pacific is in Hong Kong.

I’m the Qantas A330-300 just to the left of you, just landed after a 14hr flight.

In that case, make infinite flight add more liveries to the Aircraft and maybe it would be a more realistic flight. Just my two cents.

Yeah, Air China 747…? And adding a passenger 747-8 on Cathay Livery is not realistic just saying…

There is a Cathay B747-400, could have used that, but my original question wasn’t because I was trying to be realism police, I just know that cause of Hong Kong positioning in the region that some people believe that Chinese airlines fly from there that is all haha

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