Hong Kong to Malé | Over the Indian Ocean

1) Today I flew a Cathay Pacific A350 on a flight from Hong Kong down to Malé and the change is scenery is stunning! The Maldives look great! I decided for my first screenshot topic, to tell the story of this flight by screenshots.

2) Server: Expert, Time: 1000Z - 1400Z approx, Monday 16 November 2020

Flight time was 5hrs 36min precisely.

Climbing out of Hong Kong International. Passing over the Macau Region.

Cruising over Laos.

Up close and personal with the captain.

Crossing from Laos into Thailand.

Cruising over the junglely, marshy looking Thailand. Although it looks absolutely stunning!

Fading away into the distance and leaving Thailand. Coming over the little bit of land before the Indian Ocean which is part of Myanmar.

Gear goes down on landing into Malé in the Maldives.

Gear down and ready land!

And butter!

This is my first ever screenshots & videos topic, so hopefully I did everything correctly. Sorry about the photos being a little blurry sometimes, but my editing isn’t the best.


The approach into Male is beautiful! There’s nothing better than buttering there.

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Nothing better indeed! The Maldives is heaven! Sad that Cathay are not operating any more flights there @NuggetFornia


How’s the quality?

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It was a little grainy, but I do like how you didn’t filter it.

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Thanks I can’t edit tbh 😂

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Same here :)

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Maldives are always beautiful! Nice shots!

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Thanks very much @KSS always love flying there. Sad Cathay are stopping this route.

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