Hong Kong to Da Nang Shots

Decided to do a quick flight with @Swithord from Hong Kong International Airport to Da Nang International Airport on the VietJet Air A321. Da Nang is criminally underrated as a route as the mountain views on approach, especially at Sunset are just stunning!

Route: Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH) - Da Nang International Airport (VVDN)
Flight Time: 1 Hour and 37 Minutes
Aircraft: VietJet Air Airbus 321-200
Server: Expert

1. Departure out of Hong Kong in the Evening with @Swithord

2. View of Lantau Island and Cheung Chau on Departure

3. Approaching Da Nang through the North Bay

4. A Nice Warm Glow on the Aircraft

5.Turning into Left Downwind Runway 35R

6. Cheeky Window Shot of the Sunset Over the Mountains

7. Turning into Left Base Runway 35R

8. Final Runway 35R

9. "VietJet 593, Exit Runway When Able, Contact Ground on the Taxiway"

10. Stunning Picture to end a Stunning Flight

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Amazing photos!

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Thank you!

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VHHH is a very nice airport at sunset indeed. Fly the whole bay area. Still have to get used to poor effects of airplane lights in IF though. You should be able to see landinglights on the runway and you should be able to dimm cabin and cockpit lights during take off and landing.

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Agreed, VHHH airport is amazing, but the landing in VVDN was just stunning, it almost overshadowed VHHH on this flight!