Hong Kong Pride GROUP FLIGHT | Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon | STARTED

Yup. If you want you can even fly the 1h30m flight from VHHH to RCTP using the Cathay Pacific B777-300ER or A330-300 as they also use those aircraft.

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Wilco mate, just what time is it.

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12:00PM ZULU time, which is 8:00PM Hong Kong time.

I’m so sorry mate, if the event was just 3 or 4 hours earlier I could have attended.

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Aw, sorry about that buddy!

Yeah, this thread has issues.

These as stated above:

And the format for the name is wrong.

Check this out for a guide on making events

I an actually flying to Hong Kong IRL today so I can’t join sorry

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Haha, cool. I’m actually flying OUT of Hong Kong tomorrow!

Do you want ATC ?

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Would be great!

Instead, would you want to join the flight?

Changed the post to #live:groupflights

Please join guys! Only 30m away from the beginning of the group flights. Remember, please spawn at Gate E19, all the way down to Gate N64 at VHHH.

So, anyone going to join? It might be closed/cancelled if not.

10 minutes until the event!

Anyone going to join?

I wish I saw this earlier, I probably would’ve joined.

Your title still doesn’t match the format.

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