Hong Kong Planespotting, A350s, 747s, A380s and more!

I was at Hong Kong on the 8th of April and went spotting. It was quite cloudy on that day but at least it wasn’t raining! I couldn’t upload the photos here because of the size limit, but they’re on Flickr! With the recent planespotting pictures which have been posted, I don’t think mine are as good but they’re decent :)

Here’s a preview of one of the photos:
#Go here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskXSRyDZ for more!

Enjoy and if you would like to use them, please ask for permission! Thanks :3
If you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask! Tip: click on the pics for full definition.

@SingaporeAirlines there’s some you will definetly like! :D


Those are really nice photographs, In particular, I like the JEJU air.

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CX new liveries and SQ’s A350-900 shots are absolutely amazing Kyle! ❤

I should try to do some spotting in Skydeck during my next visit to HKG. Anyway did you catch CI 359?


Unfortunately no, :( I was too late for that.

They were using 07L and 07R, I could’ve gotten even better shots if they were using 25L and R as the Skydeck is right next to those runways. It’s kinda funny because we were originally planning to go on a Tuesday because I had a holiday, but we didn’t and they ended up using 25L & 25R, and the day after we went spotting they were using 25L and R again! 😭

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The wind become uncertain lately especially around East Asia. That explains the runway change become more often T-T


That Fiji livery is gorgeous

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Wow. Those are great photos. There is no way I could pick a favourite, they are all amazing.
HKG looks like an incredible place to spot at. That mountain on the background of every takeoff though 😍. Also when you can see the water on some pictures, right beside the runway. Incredible.

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Thanks! It is really a beautiful place to spot at, with the wide varieties of aircraft and also scenery :D


Very nice :) Glad to see some other spotters on here.

May I use this photo for a school project? You have to teach the class and I’m teaching the different types of aviation and I’m on Long-Haul. It would be a great photo!

Sure, I don’t mind as long as you ask :)

Okay, thank you!

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I love the pictures in fact i’m using the Cathay pacific 777-300 as my wallpaper.

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PM me if you would like to see edited versions of my photos like this :)


ANA 787-8 looks awesome from your photo! Awesome job Kyle! <3

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I’m lovin the pictures of Singapore Airlines A350! (My favourite plane!)

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When I first saw that, I thought that was in IF.

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