Hong Kong Plane Spotting

Sorry that theres so many…


Wow, you’ve done a lot of spotting! Again, great photos and thanks for showing us them all.


Theres a lot more! Thanks!

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Love the tail pics and the close ups of Cathay and HKexpress.


Thanks @Adrien ! I forgot…

Thanks! Im glad you like them

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Awesome that you saw HB-JNA!!! Nice catches of the A350s and CX 747 as well

Which planes that? Thanks!

The Swiss Boeing 777-3DE(ER) in the “People’s Plane” Livery

Oh yeah! thanks! Lucky spot!

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No worries, seems like you’ve got a lot of wonderful pictures!
I love the pictures of HB-JNA, the famous Swiss 777-300ER in it amazing People’s Plane) livery. I took some pictures of it in ZRH too, check them out for other angles:

Awesome! Will do!

Love the A350. I like all of these topics!

Thanks! Means a lot!

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Third time the charm ;) , lovely pics @jdag2004 as usual. I am in HKG in July and will see if i can match your photo quality !

Probably not! Only joking! Thanks!

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Simply amazing

Thanks so much!

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Very nice pics!! A lot of them as well 😊

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LOVE that UPS 74.

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