Hong Kong - Hanoi @VHHH 231700ZDEC18

  • Vietnam airlines A321


  • Time of Departure :: 2018-12-23T17:00:00Z

  • Expert server:

  • Flight plan will be announced 1 hour before the departure
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I’ll be there! What gates will you be spawning at?

Take note of this rule :)

Hey there, your group flight should be only within 3 hours.

3 hours before the flight?

Gate 522 at terminal 1

Yeah, your flight has to depart within 3 hours from the time you posted your Groupflight post. So you have three hours to gather people and depart :)

Okay sorry

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No problem, you can always make new Groupflight post tomorrow o change the time for this one :)

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Okay, maybe I’ll make this as an event and then it’ll be fine

Sure, do as you wish. I’ve seen you do Event’s before, so you know the drill :)