Hong Kong - Auckland | Cathay A350-900

Hey everyone! Last night @PocketRishi and I did VHHH to NZAA using the A350-900. When we landed I decided to make a timelapse of the flight. This is the second time I’ve done a timelapse so please leave feedback! Video

Flight info:
Cathay A350-900
Flight time: 9:46
Expert Server


I like it a lot! The take-off was really slow and laggy, so maybe normal speed for that, but other than that, really good job!

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll keeps that in mind, it wasn’t laggy while recording…might’ve been when I edited it.

Yeah, I understand. Sometimes the rendering qualities can come out a bit different than expected, once again, very well done.

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Great Job, nice video and that is very good for your second time laps! I also liked and subbed!

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Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for subbing it truly helps and gives me the extra boost to make these vids

thanks for having me! Was fun to fly to Auckland after a while

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That was me in the A330 landing on 7L😃

I remember seeing you when I was on final, pretty harrowing when 2-3 aircraft are watching you land 😂

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