Hong Kong Airport - Taxiway L1 Hole (Glitch)

In the past hour I have discovered a little glitch at Hong Kong Int, with one of the taxiways. The picture below will explain…

The Orange circle in this Hong Kong Int Chart (Simulation) shows where the glitch occurs.

I have tried multiple times to pass this point (in the TBM) and have had no success.

Im hoping this issue will be noted by IF Airport Editor, if it’s already known may a moderator please close.

Thank you for listening!



Just follow the steps below and you should be fine. :)

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This is a known issue and is actually exclusive to your device and it’s scenery files which are corrupt.

To begin fixing the problem follow the below steps, move onto the next if it doesn’t fix.

  • Restart IF
  • Restart Device
  • Clear Scenery Cache
  • reinstall IF.
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Oh, well ok, didn’t think it was that. But sure i’ll give that a go. Thank you!

Thanks guys, works like new. Mod may close. Good Day Bros!