Hong Kong Airport Spotting & American Airlines 777-300ER Business Class DFW-HKG

Last week, I took American Airlines’ longest flight from Dallas/Fort Worth to Hong Kong racking up a flight time of approximately 16 hours. This is a 40 minute video featuring the taxi, takeoff, inflight, food, descent, approach, and landing from Dallas/Fort Worth to Hong Kong. Timestamps are below if you’d like to skip around


Business Class Seat Overview: 00:07
Pushback: 1:54
Taxi To Runway: 4:23
Lineup For Takeoff: 12:26
Full Takeoff: 13:10
Business Class Food: 19:00
Sunrise Over Arctic: 20:42
Initial Descent Into Hong Kong: 23:02
Final Approach Into Hong Kong: 30:00
Touchdown: 31:51
Gate Arrival: 38:26

Additionally, here are some pictures of the arrival and a spotting a few aircraft in HKG. Sorry for the quality on these.


Those photos are amazing. That last Finnair A350, that one is just beautiful.


These are great photos, by themselves, the sunset makes them even better!

That Finnair A350 deserves to be on Finnair’s website, go contact them (be polite), and suggest they put it on their website. That photo deserves it.

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Awesome photos!
Unpopular Opinion: Etihads new livery is one of the best


Well, there are some really amazing pictures in this topic for sure!

The Finnair A350 is a stunner and their is even a SWISS B777 in there as well as the LH Wien of the Skies!

Thanks for sharing!

It’s really special in my opinion, especially in combination with the special liveries on some of their B787s!


Wow. Love the first picture😍😎

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I don’t think that’s an unpopular livery. It’s truthfully one of my favorite. And heck, it’s winning at 55% votes in the livery voting topic: Livery Voting (Part Two)

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