Hong Kong Airport Procedures

Hello, I’ve had a look and haven’t seen any topics similar to this. I thought it would be a good idea to make this topic just to provide some basic information about flying in and out of Hong Kong.
Here is the airport diagram of VHHH. The northern runway 7L/25R is only used for arrivals. The southern runway, 7R/25L, is used for mainly departures and a few cargo arrivals. With increased amounts of traffic in Hong Kong lately, I have seen most people landing on 7R. Even when ATC was controlling on expert, most arrivals were made on 7R.

Next, departures are almost always made to the south initially. You can find departure procedure charts on google, but almost always you will be turning south after departure from Hong Kong.

This was not made in any way to be offensive, I just thought that we needed to be a bit more realistic in Hong Kong.


That’s some pretty cool info. It’d be cool though if more people used FPL to IF, because those things are already factored in.

And perhaps we can have a compilation of all the little rules for the major airports?

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Yeah I was thinking that would be a good idea. Just some general info of the week’s featured airports.

FPL2IF gives the option to select a runway, and even a quick glimpse of Flightaware shows the current traffic flow.

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Yup, but I usually just set mine to Auto so it does the selection for me.

OT: but in the US you can always just call the airport ATIS/AWOS number.

We would love to stick to realistic approach procedures as well, but at busy airports (especially HUBs), it’s just not going to work. In most cases you cannot compare Infinite Flight traffic to real life. It’d also be unnecessary to delay flights and make a bigger line while we have 2 or more runways available. Our manual states to use all runways available at all time. Ofcourse there are exceptions like a big departure queue, where most arrivals would go to the other runway - a too short runway - no exit ramp for arrivals etc.

We do try to use realistic arrival routes if possible, but only using one runway while there are more just isn’t efficient.

Hope you understand!


Yeah I get it, but actually yesterday at Hong Kong most departures and arrivals were using 7R.

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Already knew all this after spotting at HKIA’s Skydeck for a couple of years now.


This is helpful, thanks @Pilot_B!

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Ya no problem!

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It pains me so much to say this. As a Hong Konger, everY time Im routed to a departure on 07L I cringe internally and want to cry.

that being said, as an IFATC I understand not every realistic procedure can be followed. See the thread below:

This is useful if you’re flying in/out on an uncontrolled airspace though, and want to add that bit of realism.


Yeah I should emphasize that this is for when the airport is uncontrolled, as I know understand that IFATC can’t always use real life procedures :)

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