Hong Kong Airlines Ends Los Angeles & Further Reduces Capacity

Really not a good time for Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Airlines will end flights to Los Angeles, cut flights by 6%, and make changes on flights to Vancouver, Osaka, Okinawa, Sapporo, Tokyo Narita, Seoul, Haikou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Bangkok, on top of Los Angeles.

  • The airline will end Hong Kong to Los Angeles on February 8, 2020.
  • They previously announced they would end Hong Kong to San Francisco, which ended on October 4, 2019.

Currently American Airlines and Cathay Pacific operate flights between LAX and HKG, so they will now have full dominance on the route.

These are some tough times for the airlines serving Hong Kong…


Sad stuff. The political tension is obviously hurting the tourism market heavily.

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You know it’s bad when an Asian airline ends LAX service. It’s like a European airline ending JFK


Frankly the protests are really affecting this. I really feel bad for the poor airlines who have to go through this. I mean with the way things are going and the way the Chinese government has acted in the past, I am surprised if we do not get a Tiananmen Square 2.


They flew to San Francisco for a while, but with 7/8 daily flights to Hong Kong from here, it just wasn’t going to work out. Especially since they are on full-service, great carriers like Singapore, Cathay, and United.

I guess the competition was too fierce, and they couldn’t do it anymore… especially since they have financial troubles.

@Mattheus @Louis While I guess political tension in Hong Kong is affecting airlines, Hong Kong Airlines is not cutting these routes only because of that reason. San Francisco was cut, with the reason being financial troubles and competition. It’s parent company, the HNA group, has been forced to sell aircraft, cut routes, and even hasn’t been able to take delivery of aircraft as they couldn’t pay for it. Political tension doesn’t have much effect on this airline, but competition with airlines like Cathay Pacific, is more likely the reason for this.


Wasn’t Hong Kong airlines the cheapest option to fly between LAX and HKG compared to American and Cathay? Hmm. Sad news anyways

Many times, the price isn’t the only factor that comes into people’s minds when booking flights. I know for me, I think about the service, seats, and alliance or partnerships the airline has. For this reason, most of my flights are on Star Alliance carriers or United’s partners (as we have status with them). I’m sure many people fly Cathay and American because of this reason, and just the fact that they’re very well known unlike Hong Kong Airlines, which I’m sure many people have not heard of…

sigh… :’(

honestly the political tension in HK just put a hard blow to HK Airlines but the main reason is the airline have been in financial trouble for a long time now even before the protest

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Note the economic tension too.

I am so glad this happened! :D

But now that HKG-LAX with Hong Kong Airlines is getting axed, there are no more Hong Kong Airlines flight to the west coast United States

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