Hong Kong Airlines A350-900 take off and descent!

Hi Fellow IFC users…

Lately got lots of aviation recommendation on instagram and youtube and especially with the talk of the A350 on the community I wanted to share this kind of beautiful video from Mad period!

HongKong Airlines uses an A350-900 on such a short flight! (VHHH to RCTP), with a a nice tailwind it goes over 1000 km/h/ 621.37mph (ground speed)!

**The take off from Hong Kong International Airport**

(credits to: Max Period)
**Decent to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport!**

(credits to: Max Period)
Dashware data fields:

Ground speed (knots, km/h, mph)
Flightaware Altitude (feet)
Rate of climb / descent
Latitude / Longitude
Local time

Hope you guys liked it! Cheers

I wasn’t sure in which topic to put it, so if I put it in the wrong topic, please PM me to change it! To comment that it is in the wrong topic is unnecessary


Very Nice!


That’s cool, I love that!

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I just hope that Hong Kong Airlines will not collapse.

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I like how they show a HUD display. That’s super cool!

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