Hong Kong Airlines A330-300

Hi everyone,

I am curious that can this livery of A330 be added that it is common to see it in Hong Kong

Photo source : http://cdn.airplane-pictures.net/images/uploaded-images/2013/3/27/278450.jpg


they 're in the same parent company


I think they are owned by the Hainan group if I am not wrong

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I never saw this plane (and the airline) in Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific is the airlaine who dominates the region.

really? u can go onto flightradar24 and see this airline with the CRK callsign in Hong Kong easily

This is an absolute beauty, looks even better IRL.

Yes , this is a new but common livery , I forgot it’s the 2nd or 3rd largest airline in Hong Kong out of 4 airlines based in Hong Kong. FYI, I’m from Hong Kong