Hong Kong 25R Arrivals

Hello all,

I went spotting at HKG yesterday afternoon and saw some nice 25R arrivals. Let me know what you think! (All of these photos are 1280px, if you would like to see full resolution please pm me.)

Mike Golf arriving from Munich.

Yankee Kilo from Frankfurt.

“Mystery Girl” coming in with a mismatched nose cone.

My first time seeing Velocity!

UPS 767 arriving from Taipei? I think?

SQ’s beautiful Star Alliance 777-300ER.

One of HK Airlines’ few A350’s on final from Vancouver.

Swiss from Zurich.

G-XLEJ making some final adjustments after a flight from Heathrow.

Cathay 77W bringing some vacationers home from Bangkok.

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I see HK, I like.

Lovin’ it.


Thank you!

Just curious what sort of equipment did you use?


Canon T1i (500D) and Canon 70-300 IS USM

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The L version or the all-black version?

All-black one

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Hey, fellow hong konger here, were you near avseco? I tried getting there but the exits from the airport express were sealed off.

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Yes I was on Cheong Yip rd

And did you get there by bus? It seems like this is the only way to bypass security.

Yeah I got the S1 from Tung Chung

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Nice pics, gonna post some of my HKIA 25R arrivals pics here too; I’ve got tons.

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Shame they closed the sky deck, spotting at home must aint as easy anymore…anyway great pics! Love VHHH!

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Yes, especially with all this going on. We can’t even go into the terminal without showing our boarding pass to an ‘officer’.


Yeah that annoyed me big time when I had to return home after taking the airport express.

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Yeah it’s a shame, however this spot is actually very good!

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I really wished I could’ve utilized the observation deck better before it was closed. Now I just have to rely on some road near 07R for 07R ops…sad. What I dislike even more is the lack of decent planespotting spots at VHHH. Take EDDF for example, they have a darn platform for taxiing aircraft, would it pain them to install something similar near HAECO? The platform would be heavily utilized for 07R and 25L ops so usage is not an issue. Here’s the platform at EDDF:

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Who knows, maybe something like this will come now that the SkyDeck is closed.

Even a skydeck like at Tokyo Haneda would be appreciated very much, but looking at the renders of the third runway proposal I doubt this would happen. There used to be a thing where you could rent a boat to planespot by 25R, however due to construction of the third runway it’s now off limits, hopefully it may reopen when the third runway is completed or else we will barely have any planespotting locations to use.


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