Honeywell B757 - VVTS

I’m currently in transit in VVTS from Kansai Int.
Took a Vietnam Airlines B787-9 (Reg IIRC VN-A865)

On arrival and taxi to the remote parking, I noticed a particularly peculiar plane, with something protruding out its side:

While taxiing closer, I snapped some more, making out some words:

After reaching the terminal from the remote parking, I scrambled to get wifi to search for the aircraft, and it turns out to be Honeywell’s test bed aircraft:

Pretty awesome, not something you’d see everyday!

I do apologise for the quality (or lack thereof), I don’t really have that great of hardware.

Some other pics along my trip

Singapore Airlines B787-10 in KIX

Vietnam Airlines B787-9 at the gate in KIX

Vietnam Airlines A350-900 at the remote parking in VVTS

Scoot A320 “Luna” at the gate in VVTS

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