Honeycomb Yoke

So I have never used one, but my experience from Captain Canada has taught me enough.

The yolk seems to move so smoothly and has a full range of motion. And the attention to detail is really nice


And it works with Liveflight?

That I don’t know

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I was planning on buying the yoke and master throttle quadrant this fall

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Unfortunately this yoke has never been tested before so it is a complete risk if you buy it. Only a handful of joysticks have been tested not yokes!
Happy Flying :D

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They honeycomb ones?

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The one I linked does work with liveflight, yes.

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Perfect, thanks for the help

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Yes. They look really cool!

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I would recommend the Logitech saitek yoke as it’s more professional and higher quality, although more expensive. I use the Logitech saitek yoke and it’s Feels really smooth with many programmable buttons. The Logitech yoke is made with metal making it more prescribe and probably sounds better.

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Thanks for the help, but I’m going off the tutorial below

So, you are telling me that the Satiek yoke also works with Liveflight?

Indeed my friend.

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I’m getting it today, I’ll tell you if it doesn’t connect so you also don’t waste your money.

Hopefully it connects :)

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It works! The new $250 Honeycomb aeronautical alpha flight yoke works! Its amazing, feels modern, and would recommend it to anyone who has the budget.

That’s awesome! Perhaps IF LLC could add it to the tested list?

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Yeah, I have picture proof if they need it.

Did you manage to get Honeycomb Alpha to work fully with Infinite Flight? I managed to get the axis to work but for some reason do not manage to configure any of the buttons. Cant press any of them in controls menu, they just flickers and when pressed seem to want to auto assign button 30 or something.

Assigning buttons to my Thrustmaster joystick was no problem however, must be something with the Honeycomb?

I assigned the buttons for the Beacon, Landing, Nav and Strobe lights, to me it worked. I know the issue you’re having. It’s the knob (off, r, l, both, start) because thats giving a constant signal, so what I did was just put the knob in between two items and keep trying until I get the right one.

You can use this: https://html5gamepad.com/ to test the buttons and find out which one is which.

But personally, I found it uncomfortable to have to flip it both ways to toggle it (eg if I want to turn my taxi lights on, I had to flip the taxi lights lever twice, so there wasn’t a visual difference in the position of the lever so I had to manually check on IF anyways). So I just use it manually.

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