Honest opinions on 20.1 update

To be honest for me, it’s pretty mixed. But it leaned towards positive side as there are so many positive changes and addition to ATC. Nice to see the that Infinite Flight is getting better day by day


  1. Smoother Autopilot transition
  2. TCAS
  3. Center
  4. Improved ATC Radar Map
  5. New Engine sounds
  6. New exciting liveries
  7. APU <3
  8. SIDs and STARs
  9. More interesting and helpful ATC commands
  10. VNAV
  11. Reworked 737 cockpit


Negatives Additional Notes
Some livery inaccuracies Minor though but spotted on different liveries
No Wi-Fi hump in the 777-200ER render 11 out of 25 liveries have Wi-Fi humps so I think it will be better to add the humps to the initial render
Increased lags and crashes Understandable due to the huge amount of features and how high the load is

Livery choice-wise I won’t complaint because I feel it’s already decent enough. But I’m more bothered with livery inaccuracies and hopefully it can be fixed after the developers have fixed the crashes/bugs. But overall, amazing work by the developers!


Well, it’s pretty good so far, though, I’ll admit it has taken a toll on the battery of my almighty S8. The 777 is nice and so is the 737 but the live instruments are too small for me to see (same as on all live cockpits in IF.) I’m trying my first flight out now so we’ll see how it goes.

Honestly biggest issue for me is how small the boeing cockpit font is. I’ll comment about center once I fly with center (probably later today)



  • The 3D cockpits in both the 737 and 777 are very well done and fun to fly in
  • The 737 seems to have gotten some slight texture changes which look pretty good
  • SIDS/STARS although confusing to me right now, add a bunch of realism that I’ve always wanted
  • The new map is really cool (Airspaces, Center control…)
  • Changes to the grading system (although it won’t affect me)
  • Model quality of the 777. Although it has some issues that I will address, the quality of the model is incredible and should not be looked down upon
  • Good job fixing the RR engine size and the Cockpit size. That was a pleasant surprise
  • The beginner’s guide on the website is super in-depth and helpful. I’ve been an IF user for a while and I’m learning new things.
  • The new engine sounds are incredible (APU too)
  • Longer engine start-up times. I’ve been wanting this forever, and they delivered without many people complaining!


  • I have some pretty big concerns with the accuracy of the 777 model: The PW engine is way too big, the engine exhausts and other metallic surfaces are shiny rather than matte, The wing thickness and camber look wrong (going off my memory here), landing gear doesn’t look right when drooped in flight (again off of my memory). I can’t quantify everything here, but a number of things just don’t feel right. The flaperon: yes people are making a big deal about it. It doesn’t bother me much, but it does bother other people.
  • Some 777 liveries seem slightly inaccurate, namely the BA from a post I saw. Once you see it you can’t un-see it.
  • The 777 icons in the menu are of the old variant (inaccurate) and the Austrian livery keeps glitching out for me (in the menu).
  • I’m not very happy with the limited number exterior views on the 777. I think there should be more wing views in different places similar to the CRJ family.
  • Some of the liveries have inaccurate wings, the older 777s should have a visible wing root area on the top.
  • Some of the SID and STAR diagrams aren’t shown properly so it’s difficult to find the appropriate ones.
  • The airport diagrams on the mini-map seem to be drawn off of the different pavement meshes so it can be rather useless at times.
  • Of course the server-side lag and the weight of the graphics on my device

I haven’t flown much in the new update so this is entirely based on my limited experience. I hope some of you can find these points as agreeable. Regardless of the cons I see in this update, the IFD team did a very good job with this, and it’s evident that it was made with passion.


Kinda off topic but does anyone know why KORD doesn’t have SIDs

I love this new update though there are some bugs and goofs plus server lag as servers are overloaded. One goof or weird thing I noticed was in the B772, the First Officer is in the Captain seat but the Captain is in the FO Seat. Hm doesn’t make much sense unless it’s like a training.

Actually, the 'Bus has overtaken the 737 as the most popular commercial aircraft as of last year.

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KORD uses radar departure vectors, not instrument procedures for departures. NOTE: KORD uses STARs for arrivals and approaches Therefore, there are no SIDS.

Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions. I love it when people ask about KORD realism (my home airport 😁)


Its ok.
Servers need to be able to hand more
777 cockpit looks very plasticy
737 cockpit fuel levers
The amount of stars missing
Devs and staff need to handle critism

I can’t fly because the servers are so packed that the device keeps crashing. I mean before this the percentage was around 30 maybe 40 at best, now the lowest you can get is like 70 percent!

the one con for me is that you can only see 3 quartet of the map because of the new bar saying the waypoints and ALT for the sids/stars.

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All I can do without my device crashing is solo.

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this is probably because everyone is trying the new things that came in 20.1.

777 live cockpit and engine sounds
737 live cockpit
SIDS and Stars
Oceanic paths

777 lots of little mistakes
SIDS and stars extremely confusing, even after tutorials
Oceanic paths are kinda half baked, like it’s missing a lot of them
We should be able to use VNAV during climb
It took way too long for what we got
Crazy lag and crashes
And center makes everything way more complicated


ya know how hard it is?

I am thankful though that it is because of the server and not my device, there are people with iPhone 11s having this problem. If it was because of my device then I would have to buy a new one and that would be sad.

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yeah your right!

having to spend like £1000 for a sim!

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I can finally plan flights the way I have always wanted to be able to plan them in Infinite Flight, this is the biggest new feature for me. Center I’m sure is awesome as well (haven’t flown through an active airspace yet), the B772 looks, sounds, and flies like a dream. VNAV is another fantastic much needed feature (even better after I figured out it was descent only and that’s why it wasn’t working on my climb 🤣).

The only drawback I’ve found so far is that I can’t run Infinite Flight on the highest settings anymore, but I have an iPad 2018, so it was to be expected sooner rather than later. Maybe time for an upgrade soon…


Hey it’s quieted down from the chaos of yesterday.

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