Honest opinions on 20.1 update

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777 rework, amazing. Love the new sounds, new liveries, everything… All is well. Good surprise with the 737 cockpit rework. I was a tiny bit disappointed that only 2 liveries were added considering that it is the most popular aircraft amongst airlines and specially knowing the amount of missing potential liveries. Knowing how expensive liveries can be, I can’t really complain. Kenya Airways opens up a door to some good old African flying which I enjoy. 😊

Are you kidding me? They did a 777 rework! GE90 sounds, steerable rear axle and all! What more can I ask for? I think I’m just gonna enjoy flying the 777 everywhere for the time being.

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Turn on automatic low power mode, go into HUD view (3d instruments not rendered) and you’ll be fine :)


In my opinion this is a very good update. Just by adding the SIDS, STARS, oceanic tracks and center frequency is a very very good update, then if we add the 777-200ER rework, then is the best update behind the global

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What can fix my battery drain issue?

I love the VNAV and 777.
But disappointed not to see some liveries like El Al, and that the flaperons don’t work.
Honestly after more than one year of development I’d reasonably expect all control surfaces to be animated.


I honestly love all the features in the update, but it’s just missing moveable flaperons and an interior view

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Did they rework the physics for the 737 or just the cockpit

I love the graphics of the planes and all the new detail IF has put into it.so this happened I switched off my engines and usually before the update you can just press the engine to start and it wil go on so with the new 777 I switched off my engines and the screens and everything went off so I couldn’t start the plane I thought there is something wrong with the plane so I realized they added APU so I forgot to put that on and then master switch for the screen to come on and then start the plane hahah.


Who doesn’t love a new aircraft, a 737 cockpit rework and many other subtle yet extremely useful features? 🤩

Well done devs

Edit: the APU also sounds really cool on the 777


It’s amazing! Never used to like the 777 before but the amount of effort gone into it is 🥰 will be doing a long haul each night from now

A lot of great features but my iPhone 6 can no longer even take off without crashing.

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my iPad becomes a frying pan!!!


The iPhone is nearly 5 years old and in the world of technological innovation, this is a very significant amount of time. Unfortunately the developers cannot support all devices models, especially those which are ageing quickly.


TBH I think the devs went overkill in 20.1. It feels like way too much stuff, but I mean it in a good way! :)


I would like to have an opinion, but 1 day after the update i still cant fly


Yes I know Infinite Flight staff like you to have a very expensive phone then buy a very expensive subscription for IF pro.

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The way the B772 turns so smooth on autopilot is an underrated feature.


I tested and deleted it within 10 minutes

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