Honest opinions on 20.1 update

The emitter of the Center frequency has been changed to around 400NM now.

There’s also so many IFATC. Why put more effort into something that isn’t needed. If airspace wasn’t too busy they’d only have one center IRL. If you have 50 hospital patients why order 500 masks. It takes too much time and it’s not needed. I thought you all were threatening to leave IF. Think of how much longer it would have taken to add that

It Crashes way to much, can’t wait for a new update!

No one likes to be working on something for so long and then later gets really bad and harsh comments about it.

I understand that we’ve all been waiting for this update for a long time, but we also can give opinions in a nicer way.

I have read some comments on this thread that aren’t nicely said at all.

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I like to add
Title - Honest opinions on 20.1 update


20.1 is great, It is crashing but I can’t blame them because I have a device from 2013 and it can still do 4h flights at max graphics so I am not complaining, This is by far the best update. Outstanding job devs!

I know right. It’s weird that the flap animation is weird on the actual sim. When I saw this, I thought they got it right. I really hope they fix that because It is really bothering me

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Everything is running much smoother now. Did multiple long hauls in the 777-200ER and game did not crash at all. Cheers!

Everything is going well after the navigation update, yesterday I did PANC-KSLC (new longest landed flight) 3h 55min, before I could only do 1hour flights without them crashing.

After flying with 20.1 for some time now I am still super impressed. Absolutely love the SID/STARS, VNAV descent, APU functionality (though its just one more button, it is kinda cool) and B772 engine sounds.

Infact now, not having APU in planes like the 787 series is making me cringe. LOL. I know they will all be added in later updates so patiently waiting for 20.2 now 😄

I do feel the overall scenery is very “blue” though. Too blue sometimes. Is it possible to reduce the bluish hue in the scenery in a later update and make it look a little more natural (cooler hue)?


In many ways this is a great update and I really like the new 777 200ER. Especially wing flex. However, I do prefer the old wing view on left side of the aircraft (where you sit a little behind the wing and not on top of it).
I hope they keep the old view on the 777 300ER.

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I’m loving the update, especially since the BA livery got fixed! The 777 is incredibly realistic and the cockpit is amazing. I just have a couple of issues that I didn’t think deserved their own topic. I don’t want to come across as if I don’t appreciate the developers hard work, all I want is to point out a couple of issues I have with the 772. (They are very minor as it is overall a very good replica)

  • Unnecessarily vivid fuselage joins. (Should be mostly covered with paint)

  • The cabin (Bad for performance)

  • No registration above cockpit windows.

Other than that it’s very good. I think this screenshot best shows how good of a job the developers did.

Ignore the fact that one is powered by GE90s and the other by RR Trent 800s.


I think we need to remove the center freq. It’s super annoying to listen to constant plane/ATC talking for 30 minutes and if I tune out I’ll probably get reported

Is it just me or does the Horizontal Stabilizer in IF seem awfully Thick compared to real life?

Yeah it looks like it too.
Perhaps it could be the lighting or angle at which the picture was taken at?

You can’t just turn down your volume? (Yes you can). You can leave your device while at cruise with center, we will see you are away and any collisions will be presumed accidental and you will not be reported for that. Also, if you are asleep or away flying enroute, we won’t on-guard you. Its not that hard lol.


Personally, I love the Center Frequency! Adds more realism into the simulator

I’m kinda bumped out that flaperons still don’t work on the 777 but all in all I’m really happy!

Does the model in IF seem to be too shiny and too bright? It looks nice but just doesn’t match how planes generally look after being flown a lot

One question.
If snow falls in one place, will it also be noticed in Infinite Flight?