Honest Opinion About 22.1

Hello IFC,

I hope you guys are enjoying 22.1. Here I’m going to list my opinion and my official rating of the first update of 2022! This will probably be taken down since the staff doesn’t like when we talk bad about the game, but I hope this can show the staff about our opinion on this update.

Ok, let’s start. This update included a lot of things like stand guidances, over 40 new 3D airports, and it came with new liveries for certain planes like for the 747-8, it came with the new UPS livery. Now onto some of the flaws about this new update. Unfortunately, it came with a bunch of bugs that the IF team is trying to fix. Some of these bugs are not being able to spawn at gates with certain aircrafts that used to be able to, lights going to planes, etc. I just hope the mods can fix these in time. But as of right now with everything that has came with the update here is my official rating out of 10.


I rate this update a 6/10 for many reasons. I do like the fact that they added animated jetbridges, and add more 3D airports, but this update was not the quality update like IF usually has. This update came with many bugs that should’ve never made it to the final release. And unfortunately these bugs have not been fixed yet.

Now you may ask yourself why am I doing this. I am doing this not to bash the game. As an aviation enthusiast myself, I think this is the best flight simulator for mobile, and the best flight simulator if you don’t have a good PC to play the other ones. I think this topic is good to cover because it can show how we feel about the update. I’m sure some people will agree with me about what I said about 22.1 and some won’t. But in the end, this is my honest opinion about 22.1 and you can agree with me, and if you don’t that is fine with me! I think that more people in the community need to speak out on how they feel rather than taking no action!


Thanks for your feedback! We do appreciate hearing people’s thoughts on the update.

Regarding the issues you’ve mentioned, we are investigating (as mentioned to you in the support topics and in the DMs you’ve sent). We really need some time to investigate though as some of these issues are a bit more complex and only affect a specific subset of devices.

Rest assured though, as soon we have more information, we’ll post it on the forum :)


Thank you for taking my feedback and taking the time out of your day to read what I had to say. Hope you are doing well!

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As you can see from Cam’s response, this is not true when the feedback is posted in a calm, constructive manner. Of course I’m not attacking you for saying that, but staff and mods aren’t out to get anyone here.

On another note, I think 6/10 is a bit rough lol. That’s based off of the additions of jetbridges, stand guidance (a total surprise), and a pretty crazy amount of new airports.

But to each their own, and I’m sure everyone appreciates you posting in a constructive manner :)


Thanks for understanding. I did a 6/10 because mainly of all the bugs that came with the update. If there weren’t so many, I would probably give it a higher rating. I love this update. If there were no bugs I would give it a 10/10 for sure. I hope you now understand why I rated it so low.

In my opinion, Updates are not always perfect. There is some minor issue / bug but it it’s very understandable. Even in other products, it experience the same thing with bug / issues. That’s why we report every issue / bug to Support Category in order the dev’s are aware of it and trying to fix them. Just my 2 cent.

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All I know is that I personally like this update better than 21.8 with the new Airbus A220

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Personally this is my favourite update in a long time. We didn’t get a new aircraft but instead got optimisation improvements (now my iPad does get red hot) lighting graphics improvements and features that make a big difference to the experience of playing a flight simulator such as having the ability to control the jet bridges and the stand guidance which was a great surprise. Can’t think of any other mobile flight sim that has that feature. And also a load of new 3D airports on top of that.

Personally I believe these features and improvements are sometimes more important than just getting aircraft added or reworked. While having new/reworked aircraft is amazing to see it’s just as important to have the features that contribute to the experience of flying an aircraft in a flight sim as a whole which is why I love this update so much as the new features in my opinion really contribute to the experience of doing a flight.

I’ve also experienced pretty much no bugs at all which seems surprising as I’ve seen quite afew reports of bugs. Overall I’d give this update a solid 9/10


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