Honduras MHTG

Has anyone tried the VOR/DME rwy 02 at Mhtg? Its among the most dangerous airports in the world for jets. AA had for years flown a 757 in there and there are YT videos of the approach. A woman says as the jet flies 50 feet over the final ridge, “don’t be afraid.”

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I’ve tried it! it seems so easy on the video but its so challenging when you go and do it its so hard!

The RNAV (RNP) approach is a completely different animal to the VOR approach. The VOR is more of a straight in, but probably more difficult than the famous RNAV due to the terrain.

Yes, Toncontin is a really fun approach with a 757. My first time flying the Arc into RW02, I had to announce a Go Around on Unicom. I couldn’t get my speed slow enough on the left base banking to final. Wasn’t much of a greaser landing either but, it wasn’t too shabby.

Highly recommend this for sure!


I’ve tried it a few times and love the feeling
Personally, I like a lot to fly difficult approaches, the adrenaline is just 🔥🔥🔥

The first time I flew to MHTG was easy to land, after 3 times it didn’t feel that easy but now I think I dominate it, and I can’t wait to fly and see the 3d buildings while descending into Tegucigalpa, I thought it was confirmed as a 3d airport, does anyone knows what happened? I heard devs said it wasn’t ready yet but idk

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I never dared to do it with a 757 haha

The biggest plane I used was the A320

Still it’s very challenging, recommended!

Yea lmao it’s a hard approach. Infinite Flight has even made buildings for this but they aren’t in the sim yet

IF 21.1 trailer


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Oh I remember this. I thought it was coming with 21.1 for sure at the time. Perhaps in 21.2, we’ll see it.

And yes it’ll be a fantastic and iconic airport to land into!

VOR approaches are always more of a fun challenge because they depend on an older instrument (VOR) rather than GPS.

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The D02 MHTG is a replacement for the VOR/DME approach. There are a few airports that still use these. MHTG is one. KCHA (Chatanooga) is another. Thats a fun one too.

I have had the priv. of flying KCHA VOR/DME while an instrument student.

It’s wild.

You use the DME to get you to the right distance, and flying to a certain radial on the VOR. That is the IAF (initial approach fix). Then, keeping the same distance on the DME. you slowly change the OMNI on the VOR, as you move around the arc. It is usually done at a specific altitude.

Then, as you reach the FAF (final approach fix), you turn to the final approach course, adjust the OMNI, and start counting down the DME to the MAP (missed approach point).

This approach is what the gps was based off. I crashed the GPS the first time at MHTG, bad landing after that, and then nailed it the last time.

That’s cool. I live not too far from KCHA (in North Alabama), and have been by it several times.

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