HondaJet skids off Chicago Runway

Not the first time this has happened on this runway! At least no one was hurt or killed this time.


So it was the tail wind that got him?


I saw that picture on atcmemes with a funny caption and would have never thought it was something that happened to recently 🤷. Must have been some crazy tail winds.


The article had said last time this happened it was with a Southwest 737 and there they specified the tailwinds. They didn’t specify for this event.

@Will_Haxton If you look at @Aussie_Wombat post, you will see the highlighted part of the article which states that there was a gusting 17kt tailwind.

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They were sharing the part about the 737 incident so I thought they were talking about that. My bad.


That sure looked like a wild ride! Poor jet, lucky everyone is ok.

Well, that runway is cursed for life now to say the least. They really need to have that runway dry, like close it after it rains to insure it’s completely dry so this doesn’t happen for the third time. God knows what could happen on that third time…

17 knot tailwind… that should be a cause for concern right there

Oh yes and that tailwind, thats too much for that little jet. much rather take that 17 knot crosswind then than that tailwind. Must’ve been a fun ride inside.

Clearly the HondaJet has the same handling as the Honda Fit.


More Honda’s with big wings drifting in public…

I would take a 17 knot crosswind over a 17 knot tailwind any day. Or they could have switched up the active runways

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