Homogenous Dubai

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday, I did a quick flight from Dubai to Kabul, Afghanistan, after flying in from Yemen. We all know Dubai for how homogenous it is. It’s all Emirates, Emirates, and more Emirates. With all the traffic, I thought I’d sneak in a quick shot from ny departure. Check it out!

Details you dont care about

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Flight time: 2:50

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I’ll see you later!


This, is a wonderful shot.

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Much appreciated, Davide!

Damn, nice shot mate!

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Thanks @Andy_R!

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Really cool shot!

Btw you could shoot me a PM so I’ll show you some magic on this pic

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Actually I really care about these details…

I like the photo, the editing makes it look like it was drawn. neato

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I literally just found out that the tail of Emirates is the UAE flag. I know, I was previously blind until now. Thanks for the perfect angle so I can finally see it. 😂

Awesome photo!


You’re welcome.



haha very funny

I do care about them because I would like to know how long the flight I’m on is going to be and where I’m even going!😂

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oh ok lol 😂😂😂😂