Homework Experiment For IF.

I realised that the distractions in our surroundings are countless. Every single time we try to destroy them, something comes back. We all face that problem. Yet, when we play IF, we are so focused (and not so at the same time, I will come back to that later). So I was wondering, why not decrease the number of distractions first instead of trying to get rid of all of them. In this experiment, I strongly encourage everyone to try this out. The reason I chose IF for this, is because, IF is a game that allows players to concentrate a lot, at the same time, it is also quite boring when you get mid air. The thing is, even when we are mid air, we still tend to be quite focused in the game. So, I was wondering, why not in the midst of all this, do your homework? Since when we play IF, we don’t even look at our social media and other distractions. (Realise that all the things we do when we play IF are things we are suppose to do when we do homework.)
Here are some things you should keep in mind when doing this.

  • To cut even more distractions, on flight mode.
  • Play solo, solo is better as there is lesser focus on the game compared to live which requires a lot of communication.
  • Fly routes that are compatible to the time you need for your homework.
  • You can also try flying patterns.
  • Waypoints shouldn’t be of such a distraction, as it only requires some factors to be changed.
    Please help me out, and also review below on whether this test and way of doing homework is efficient and whether or not a good idea. Thanks!

Bad idea. I concentrate super hard when doing homework and studying, sometimes I don’t even listen to music… That’s why it is said, that there is a time for work and a time for play, they don’t mix.
In order to be successful in something you need to give it a 120% and distractions only divide the effort. After studying I go for a quick 10-15 minutes flight, but I don’t study during that time.
Plus, if someone really wanted to study, they would be self motivated and won’t need anything else to help them.


I have ADHD, so I really need to focus and not get distracted on my homework.


I have ADHD too, didn’t mention it because I wanted to make a general response :p


Plus, you can’t really do both at the same time. Either you don’t enjoy your flight or just end up doing nothing.

I’ve tried, and its not really productive. Task switching, not multitasking.


I can multitask, I normally Snapchat while I’m cruising and then pay full attention to IF when I’m taking off, climbing, descending and landing


I’ve been done with school for a long time and looking back on it there is no way I could have studied and played at the same time, with the expectation of a 3.8 GPA or better.

I do do this. When I study I fly. I use aviation related terms to remember stuff. But I’m not gonna do this slot anymore

It is not that hard to fly and do anything else. Lmao

I wouldn’t do it cos I love flying on IF for the whole flight and doing something else whilst flying is missing out on a fun flight


This could work… if nobody was on Christmas break. By the time the holidays are over this post won’t be up at the top of the page.

I’d rather pass my exams thanks.


I experiment with playing Infinite Flight in boring classes… I’m not focused on the class but I get lots of XP!

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I don’t have school for 2 more months so no thanks

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