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My hometown airport, KHKY is controlled irl, but there’s no option to do so in IF, what’s the best way, (if any way) to go about requesting that to be added?

Hey there, I would believe it would be up to the airport editing team to figure that out, actually, as they are the ones who edit the frequencies of airports.

Adding to what @Luke_Sta said

You can join them here!

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For sure! I’ve reached out on instagram, but (respectably) they never saw the message. is there another way to get ahold of them?

Requests for changes to airports are generally not taken. See the thread linked above for more information on how you can join and edit the airport yourself. It’s a great way to get involved in the community.

We don’t take requests, however I’ll send this over and see what can be done. Thanks for the report.

I greatly appreciate that!!

Hey @FlightKeys, I saw the message in our workspace about this airport. Looking at the database the last time that airport was touched was 2016, so in that case, at least its already been reworked. It does not meet current standards, such as having buildings removed, so the issue will be open for someone to take it and just do a full rework , which will be more than just a frequency change, unless a supervisor will do a quick fix. It may take some time (A few weeks, probably more) for someone to be willing to do it, as we are volunteers and most of us typically relegate ourselves to specific airports or regions. Thank you for your understanding.

Aceorbit, Airport Editor, Project Minnesota


Thanks so much! I fly in and out of that airfield quite a bit irl, so it would definitely be cool to see reworked! Thanks for your time! Keep up the incredible work!

I see this airport means quite a lot to you. Once I finish the airport I am working on now, I may take this one on, assuming it has yet to be taken.

That would be awesome! its a pretty cool little airport, pretty blue ridge mountains around there! I filled out an app to join the editing team, we’ll see how it goes! But yeah, definitely a close-to-heart airport, as its where I became a private pilot.

Alright, sounds good. I’ll hopefully see you in the Slack soon!

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