Homeland Security Investigating 'Unauthorized' Plane

Homeland security is investigating an unauthorized plane at Ohio University Airport in Athens, Ohio. (Not KOSU - Ohio State University Airport in Columbus).

I’ve never heard of an unauthorized plane as described in the story. What do you think about this?


Not much information so I don’t know what to think.


Maybe since it’s a small airport, it wasn’t authorized to be/land there?


How did it just land without any permissions because that’s really dangerous especially if there had of been a plane on the runway.

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Something like this epic fail maybe? Dreamlifter lands at wrong airport:


The airport only has Unicom.

Apparently, the pilot says a mechanical failure is responsible for the landing.


Flew in under radar, defected.

Any word on the type of aircraft involved?

Supposedly flying through US airspace.

Nope. It has to be corporate Jet or smaller though.

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Did it originate from foreign airspace? I was just being facetious.

Probably corporate since it was an international flight

It sounds like it did. I’m thinking Canada.

Oh. Well in that case I would have to assume he is not defecting unless he wants a major downgrade in healthcare and fewer maple leaf decals.


Lol… the news just zoomed into a US Customs & Border Patrol King Air and they said it was the unauthorized plane. 😂


Lol, classic. I have to ask, what network did this gem of reporting?

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The same one the link is from, NBC4. You can watch live on their website: http://nbc4i.com/2015/06/17/watch-nbc4-newscasts-live/

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Was flying from Canada. Made in emergency landing at an airport that is not a US entry airport for international flights. All flights especially coming from international must be in a flight plan as the US has ADIZ. The pilot and pax were detained by police for the time being so the department of homeland security can investigate. This was a unplanned arrival.


It was me I was the pilot…I left my football helmet in the locker so I landed on the football field…like a boss 😎

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